The Intermodal world

Claus Hansen Consulting

Take advantage of 40 years of experience within management, intermodal and logistics. Competence across the entire transport chain including sea transport, rail, terminals and trucking. At strategic, tactical as well as operational level. Leadership experience of organisations with +100 colleagues including mergers and acquisitions between very large companies. 

Comprehensive expertise within international procurement and negotiations at high level. Significant improvement records to achieve high utilization of own assets. Entrepreneurial skills to develop new intermodal products or reduce the present unit costs. Loyal approach to your company with focus on the tasks and valuable improvements for the future. Please check out my References to learn more about the person Claus Hansen. 


Your company is planning a new direction? Strategy need to be developed and embraced by the entire organization? You want to see development also at the tactical and operational level?


Intermodal product optimization

You need a new block train product or provider? Your assets need to sweat more? Unit costs are too high? Negotiation power, expertise and support is required?  New Partners are needed to reach improved economy of scale? Or do you wish to start-up your own intermodal product?



Acquisition or merger is challenging the organization? Efficiency needs to improve?
Processes could be optimized? Employee engagement is not satisfactory?

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